During the last 15 years, we have built a sizable codebase of reusable modules, these modules have already been tested and implemented in a wide range of applications and components, this should not only accelerate the development process, but should also provide a robust foundation for building new high quality applications. If our codebase doesn’t cover your requirement or industry, we will develop new modules that fits your specific requirement, using the same philosophy of modularity and reusability, and this in turn will accelerate and enhance the processes of design management, upgrade and maintenance.

Another form of building blocks is reusable components. During the last 15 years we have developed a large collection of reusable components that can easily be integrated into new applications. Again, they have already been tested, and they should accelerate the development process and enhance the end result.


  On my free time, I will be working on some freeware programs that visitors can download and use for personal (non-commercial) purposes. It’s something I like to work on, but right now, there is no specific amount of time dedicated for those freeware projects.
Stay tuned more free software coming soon.

EDI Interpreter
Online EDI translation tool for ASC X12 version 4010.

Translate your EDI Files to English, according to the standard EDI vocabulary and specification.

Convert your EDI Files to XML format.

AA Caller-ID
Caller ID software for windows, featuring: unwanted callers blocking, redialing, calls log, real-time callers' info lookup using web whitepages, real-time callers' location map using google map, callers' data editing, etc.
Requires: IE 6.0, caller ID service from the phone company and a modem with caller ID support.

Mortgage Loan Manager
Mortgage Loan Manager consists of a loan calculator, an extra principal payments analyzer, a record keeper, and a standard, actual, and projected amortization schedule generator. It lets you track your loan status, as well as compute how to pay off a loan ahead of schedule and save on interest... more
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